Welcome to the Face to Face Course

Hungry for a deeper, more authentic relationship with God,
others and yourself? Then Face to Face (F2F) might be
just the right thing!



Much of our lives, ministry and leadership strive to reflect Christ. Yet our attempts are constantly corrupted by our insecurities and egos. We are in need of reformation and transformation from within!

Face to face is a personal development course facilitating a journey of God-discovery and self-discovery. While no course can promise miracles there are many testimonials of participants’ transformed lives and ministries as a result of attending the course and applying the learning to their given context.



Retreat, Reflect, Refresh

Follow the Lord’s invitation to “come aside with me to a quiet place” Mark 6, 31

An encounter with the living and loving God

Anticipated course outcomes

Participants have been

  • refreshed spiritually and  enhanced  or restored  a more authentic relationship with God.
  • given an opportunity to reframe their perspective on God, themselves, others and life.
  • aided to take personal responsibility for behaviour, choices & attitudes in their life & ministry
  • assisted to identify their best fit in life & ministry
  • have increased their spiritual & emotional intelligence (SI & EI)


Course methods:

Interactive teaching directed at different learning styles, worship, experiential workshops, individual personal interaction with one or two facilitators, community-groups, personal reflection time.

The “Face to Face” Course is a 16 day refreshing encounter with God, yourself and others.



"The un-reflected life is
not worth living"

- Socrates



" Yes - my core belief about myself has been restored. I feel secure in God, loved by Him and safe".

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